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Being a stair installer in the Sonoma, Napa, and Marin counties has been challenging over the years and after over 25 years in the business, I have built or remodeled thousands of staircases. During my apprenticeship there were many aspects of stair building that were different than any other woodworking that I had done (general carpentry, fabricating and installing cabinets). I was presented with a totally new set of challenges dealing with angles and radius's, rises, runs, codes, safety issues, etc. As daunting as all the layout and woodwork was, the chance to work on what I consider to be the focal point of a multilevel home, was and still is quite fulfilling. A stair builder needs to make sure that his product has structural integrity; a staircase is foremost a main artery of egress and safety is so much a factor, but also the staircase needs to have aesthetic appeal and it's appearance is a statement of design and architectural theme The following articles are meant to help those so inclined to become stair builders or those who simply want to build or remodel their own staircases. These articles will continue to be a work in progress. Hopefully they will be of enough help that the reader can go forward with a basic knowledge of stair building. Over the span of my career a lot of my acquired knowledge was hard earned and some of my most costly mistakes were the best lessons. Maybe these articles will help to prevent mistakes. My first mentor told me that if I understood the dynamics of one step, with it's run, rise and pitch, that I would understand the whole stair. He had a point, but typically the first and last step of a staircase are the ones that need special attention and all of the other middle steps usually just follow redundantly. Robert Bertram